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Civil Society

Nordeco bases its work on the notion that citizens and their organisations are key to sustainable development and community resilience (e.g. towards climate change or natural disasters). This development and resilience is obtained through


  • direct improvements in livelihoods,

  • building a local and larger citizens’ networks, and

  • participation in governance and through upholding of citizens’ rights.


People are also central to the management of natural and other resources. Nordeco has developed concepts and experiences for how national NGOs (either consisting of professionals or ‘ordinary’ citizens) develop truly programmatic approaches and combine their Civil Society role with possible development of large-scale savings and credit or marketing mechanisms/institutions.


In our consulting activities we apply our values and experiences from this and other collaborations with Civil Society.


Nordeco has developed a concept for strategic monitoring of national NGOs, in view of the increasing requirements for results-based reporting. The concept aims at monitoring key Civil Society qualities, focusing on the strength of local group, in quantitative ways.


We see Civil Society-strengthening as being closely associated with our competences in participatory monitoring and management of natural resources, local economic development and climate change action.


Nordeco has conducted many appraisals, reviews and evaluations of Danish and other national civil society organisations, either on behalf of a donor, or on request from the organisation itself. Please see our list of projects.


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