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Rural Development

Nordeco facilitates sustainable rural development in many countries and local areas. Our focus is on developing and promoting sustainable land use, better and sustainable agriculture production systems and the combination of agriculture-aquaculture systems, agriculture-forestry systems and agriculture-pastoral systems. We have in-depht knowledge of rural development and how the various production systems can contribute to sustainable rural poverty reduction. We have strong background in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and pastoralism and we work with rural development in all areas ranging from the Tropics to the Arctic and from the humid zone to the drylands. Our rural development expertise includes work in rural areas of Africa, in South East Asia, in Asia, in Latin America, in the Artic and in Europe.


We also facilitate micro-finance for helping poor people to improve livelihood or develop small businesses. We provide training courses on cropping systems as well as integrated pest and disease management and climate-resilient farming. In all activities we focus on peoples’ active participation, such as learning through participatory action research.  We also support development of viable, accountable organizations of and for rural people. 



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