Finn Danielsen

Ecologist, Nordic Foundation for Development and Ecology

Dr.scient., University of Copenhagen

Martin Enghoff

Director, Rural Development, Natural Resources, Humanitarian Action and Governance 

Ph.D. Social Anthropology

Michael Køie Poulsen

Social Ecologist

M.Sc. Biology 

Huong Le

Rural Development, Climate Change, Participatory Methods


Anne-Grethe Foldschack

Administration and Financial Management

Thomas Nielsen

Senior Consultant

Rural Development, Natural Resources, Climate Change 

M.Sc. in Geography and International Development

Arne Jensen

Rural Development, Natural Resources Management and Monitoring, Disaster Risk Reduction 

M.Sc. Environment Science

Astrid M. Z. Bonde

Climate Biologist, Citizen Science, Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change, Ph.D.


Gitte Kragh

Ecologist, Citizen Science, Natural Resource Management

Ph.D. Environmental Volunteering


August 23, 2017

June 23, 2017

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