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Climate Change

Nordeco want to link international commitments on climate change to action on-the-ground and has expertise in national and local planning, actions and reporting relating to climate change adaptation and mitigation.


Climate Change Adaptation. Nordeco’s expertise within management of environment and natural resources and especially the methods and tools of disaster risk reduction, with emphasis on popular participation provide powerful capacities for adaptation to climate change. Nordeco has expertise on reducing exposure to hazards, lessening vulnerability of people and property through wise management of land, green areas and the environment, and improving preparedness and early warning for adverse events as well as reducing their negative impact.

REDD+. Nordeco has worked substantially with REDD+ in a range of countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Peru. Our focus in our REDD+ work is on ensuring safeguards and promoting effective implementation of REDD+ that is effective and at the same time respects and promotes rights of indigenous peoples.


Climate Change Mitigation. Natural carbon sinks, such as forests, vegetation and soils, can be managed to absorb carbon dioxide and are therefore important to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Nordeco is working on forest friendly policies and deforest free value chains in a range of countries including in Bolivia. Nordeco continue to conduct research on monitoring of carbon sequestered in trees in relation to climate change mitigation. Nordeco has led a project (now a business) on mitigating climate change by planting hundreds of thousands of trees together with local farmers on public land in villages in Cambodia.


Reporting. Nordeco has for years been responsible for the quality control of the use of the Rio-markers when Denmark is reporting on official development assistance (ODA) related to climate change adaptation and climate change mitigation. Nordeco is also drafting the chapter on ODA for the Danish national communication to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Nordeco has expertise within monitoring; measurement, reporting and verification (M&MRV) for REDD+ and can contribute to the development of national forest monitoring systems.


Awareness raising and education. Nordeco’s experiences include curriculum development for schools, supply of information to community groups and women’s networks, radio and television programmes and public poster campaigns. Danida Fellowship Centre has repeatedly had Nordeco to conduct training on climate change related issued for journalists and other professionals who work with sustainable natural resources management in a development context.





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