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Humanitarian Assistance

In Nordeco we work with studies, planning and review of humanitarian assistance programmes. We work in accordance with relevant humanitarian strategies and with the principles of Good Humanitarian Donorship. Our humanitarian assistance work has been undertaken in the Horn of Africa, East Africa and South East Asia. Our work includes:


Refugees, protection and host communities. We work with studies and reviews of refugees operations and how protection issues are being addressed. We do studies on refugee impacts and relationships with host communities.


Fragility. Our work includes working in a number of fragile situations and fragile states, where we support planning of development and humanitarian programmes taking in to consideration key factors of fragility including security, conflict, marginalisation, environmental stress and eroded governance structures.


Disaster risk reduction and local resilience. Building local resilience to withstand climate, conflict and political induced crisis situations is essential to promote development and to move from humanitarian assistance to development. We work with assessing local vulnerabilities, promoting local resilience, and implementing disaster risk reduction measures in local farmer, fisher, pastoral, and forest dependent communities in a wide range of countries.


Linking relief, recovery and development. We work with promoting the practical links between relief, recovery and development so that future humanitarian needs are reduced and so that humanitarian assistance to the extent possible is leading to and is supporting later development efforts.


Certification of humanitarian assistance. We are working with certification of humanitarian assistance including work with Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) certification and work with ECHO certification.


Cross-border humanitarian assistance. We have experience with working with cross-border humanitarian assistance in the special circumstances where country/area presence is not possible and where IDPs are in need of humanitarian assistance.


Humanitarian partnerships. Our work includes working with partnerships in humanitarian assistance, where we have reviewed and promoted partnerships between INGOs and local partner organisations in a range of different countries. 


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