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Natural Resources & Environment

Nordeco works with management of environment and natural resources. We work in the South, in the Arctic, and in Europe where we promote participatory management at local and global level using an integrated approach promoting participatory management and benefits at local and global level. We are especially experienced in working where local development is closely linked to the wise use of natural resources. Our work include:


Integrated management of natural resources, water and land. We work with governments, civil society and local communities to support processes addressing environmental, social and economic sustainability in natural resources management. This includes work on promoting rights, policies, capacities, and integrated planning and management of land, water and other natural resources. Our focus is on facilitating community-based management of natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity. We believe in applying a balanced approach that combines technical, social, institutional and ecological dimensions. We work within: 


  • Sustainable forest management community forestry and REDD+

  • Water resource management, watershed management and water development

  • Coastal, marine and wetland management

  • Rangeland management and pastoral production


Environmental management. We work with promoting environmental management and public participation in rural and urban areas. This includes supporting institutions, including CBOs, in developing and implementing environmental regulations and improving institutional performance. We work with translating the Aarhus Convention on public participation in environmental management into practise. We have long experience in working with international environmental agreements and conventions.


Natural resources value chains. We work with supporting the promotion and ensuring sustainability of natural resource products and finding solutions on adding value to local products. We work with value chains related to forest, rangeland, wetland, coastal and marine products. We advise on how to improve such value chains while keeping a strong focus on how this can benefit local producers and contribute to sustainability.  


Management of biodiversity. We work with all aspects of sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity. Our work includes policy support and capacity development for sustainable use and in situ conservation, biodiversity and natural resource use monitoring, communication and awareness-raising, identification of ecologically sensitive areas, mapping and applied research. We have long experience with bottom-up approaches where local communities, organisations and government institutions work together on continued participatory monitoring leading to discussions and decision-making regarding the relevant management interventions. We appreciate the Biodiversity Convention and work with the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing of genetic resources.


Protected area management. We have long experience in providing support to the management of protected areas. We provide support related to the management of environmental, social and institutional aspects of protected areas. Our work focus on co-management and balancing the conservation priorities with the rights and development priorities of local communities in or adjacent to protected areas.


Assessment and valuation of natural resources. We work with environmental and social impact assessments and with strategic environmental assessment. We are experienced in undertaking a range of surveys and assessments including economic valuation of ecosystems and assessments of status and trends in natural resources. We work with connecting “Western scientific” and “Indigenous and local” knowledge systems related to natural resources and on how these different knowledge systems can improve management practises in the real world. Related to valuation of natural resources, we are experienced in developing and assessing initiatives related to payment for water, biodiversity, carbon and other environmental services.


Strengthening of environment sector institutions. In order to support the way that environmental institutions are functioning, we provide analytical advice, capacity development and training for environment sector institutions within government, civil society and private sector.


Sustainable tourism. As a way of adding value to the management of natural resources and biodiversity and capturing local benefits, we work on promoting ecotourism in areas with high nature and cultural heritage values. We support scoping and planning for ecotourism development and we advise on sustainable solutions for nature-based tourism in local development strategies.


Environmental education and information. Based on our broad experience within environment and natural resources and on facilitating public participation, we work with environmental education for schools, for specific nature schools, and for the general public.


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