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Steffen Johnsen 

Senior Consultant

Rural Development, Civil Society, Natural Resources and

Climate Change

Ph.D. Applied Systems Analysis


Steffen Johnsen has twenty-five years of experience with programmes

and projects in Asia and Africa. Key qualifications include:


  • Rural development and rural green growth

  • Civil society organisations strategic development, roles and


  • Integrated management of natural resources (incl. forestry, water resources, biodiversity and community based management of natural resources)

  • Climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience building

  • Environmental management, impact assessments and strengthening of environment sector and NR-related institutions

  • Governance issues in development (incl. human rights based approaches, tenure, indigenous peoples rights, democratisation, participation and gender)

  • Small scale private sector development, sustainability, CSR and social impacts

  • Training, extension, participatory monitoring and integrated socio-economic, environment studies


He has worked extensively with identifications, feasibility studies, appraisals, reviews, and evaluations as  team-leader for interdisciplinary teams and project director with responsibility for quality-assurance, backstopping and contract administration. Has worked directly with governments, civil society organisations and private sector and has long experience in capacity development programmes.  He is also CEO of a climate-offset business, producing in rural areas of developing countries.


For a full cv contact Steffen Johnsen: sj(at) 

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