Søren Hvalkof 

Anthropologist and Consultant. Member of the board.

Environmental anthropology; Indigenous peoples; Land

tenure and titling; Rural health systems; Mapping and RS

monitoring; Transport sector and roads; Re-wilding and

stakeholder analysis.


Søren Hvalkof is co-founder and board member of Nordeco. He has over 30 

years of experience with environmental anthropology and political ecology,

within research, consultancies and advocacy. He is specialized in

indigenous issues, focused in Latin America and the Arctic, and with a

special interest in the Amazon and similar tropical forest regions. He also works in Europe with environmental restoration. 


Current activities include:


  • Participatory natural resource management, REDD+ and climate issues 

  • Community based monitoring systems and conservation

  • Tropical forest livelihoods and production systems

  • Indigenous peoples’ issues, frontier syndromes and conflict resolution

  • Community mapping, monitoring and interactive web based mapping platforms

  • Land titling; land tenure, and land policy 

  • Governance and territorial planning for indigenous and similar populations

  • Transport sector and labour based road building (socio-economic and environmental aspects)

  • Rural and indigenous health systems and community based health care

  • Nature restoration and re-wilding projects in Europe. Stakeholder involvement. (EU-Life)

  • Election observation (trained EU and OSCE observer) and peace and stabilisation missions

  • International Search and Rescue (SAR) missions and disaster management.


Søren has contributed to numerous policy papers, impact studies, evaluations, and feasibility studies for a wide range of international donors and agencies. He has worked in development research, academic and applied, as well as in consultancy companies and in advocacy for civil society organizations. He has published widely.


Regional specialization: South America - Andean

and Amazon countries, Mesoamerica - all countries,

Canadian NW. Arctic: Greenland, Canada, Siberia

and Russian Far East. Selected countries in Asia.

Working languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

and Scandinavian languages.   





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