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Citizen Science Good Practices in Nature

Contributory citizen science is increasingly recognized as an important vehicle for democratizing science and promoting the goal of universal and equitable access to scientific data and information. This week the journal "Nature Methods Reviews Primers" published a review of good practices in contributory citizen science, co-authored by Finn Danielsen of NORDECO.

Nature Methods Reviews Primers articles are high-quality, introductory review articles describing the current state-of-the-art for applying a specific scientific method. Being invited to write a primer on citizen science is important in two main ways. First, it underlines that the field is earning recognition within the scientific establishment as a valid and valuable approach. Secondly, it offers the opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of citizen science possibilities to a wide range of scientists and researchers who are not yet familiar with it,” explained Gerid Hager, co-lead author and researcher at IIASA in Austria.

The review article is accessible for free for a one-month period (Aug. 25, - Sep. 24, 2022).

More information:

Fraisl, D., Hager, G., Bedessem, B., Gold, M., Hsing, P-Y., Danielsen, F., Hitchcock, C.B., Hulbert, J.M., Piera, J., Spiers, H., Thiel, M., Haklay, M. (2022). Citizen science in environmental and ecological sciences. Nature Methods Reviews Primers DOI: 10.1038/s43586-022-00144-4 [PrimeView]


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