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Community-Based Monitoring in the Arctic Book Launch Event

Tuesday Nov. 9, 2021, at 15.00-16.30 CET, Online (Zoom)

In May 2021, the book Community-Based Monitoring in the Arctic was published by University of Alaska Press. The book reviews the capabilities, good practices, opportunities, and barriers of Community-Based Monitoring programs across the Arctic. In parallel, a Special Section was published in BioScience. In just three months, the publications have received >2,300 downloads. This book launch will include flash talks on topics from the book and Special Section as well as a keynote on tracking change by Professor Brenda Parlee of the University of Alberta, followed by Q&A.

Free copies of the book will be available to all participants (paperback).

”The book is the first to my knowledge that compiles so much information from so many CBM efforts in one place. (…) With this book in hand, proponents of CBM projects should be able to address most objections to their ideas, while also refining their approaches to reflect what has and hasn’t worked elsewhere. It is thus valuable for practitioners as well as scholars, and for those considering funding or partnering with CBM efforts, who will be able to better distinguish well-conceived efforts from half-baked proposals. (…) Its clear-headed advice and ideas should also appeal to those involved in CBM elsewhere in the world. (…) This makes a major contribution to turning CBM from a politically correct afterthought to “real” science, into a rigorous and respected practice in its own right.” - Henry P. Huntington

“The issues of better integrating CBM programs with government agency programs and ensuring that decision-making processes not only use those data but also respect the rights of resource-dependent communities to shape decision making are two key and timely themes that are placed front and center in this book. This will make the publication a key contribution in CBM literature.” - Kirsten M. Silvius

Target group: Practitioners and partners in Community-Based Monitoring and Citizen Science projects, including fishermen and hunters, public resource managers, scientists, non-governmental organizations, and funders of community initiatives.

Language: English and Greenlandic.

Organizers: Nordic Foundation for Development and Ecology (NORDECO, Greenland/Denmark), ELOKA (Canada/US), Carleton University (Canada), University of Alaska Fairbanks (US), Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (US), Nansen Environment and Remote Sensing Centre (Norway), and Maynooth University (Ireland) in collaboration with the UArctic Thematic Network on Collaborative Resource Management.


In order to make sure that the participants have proper Zoom functionality, we will need them to register by email to Finn Danielsen (

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