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Nordic Council Environment Prize Winner

The PISUNA Natural Resources Council in Attu, West Greenland, has won the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2018 on DKK 350,000. The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, presented the prize to Per Ole Frederiksen, PISUNA Natural Council Attu, Paviaraq Jakobsen, Qeqertalik Municipality, and Nette Levermann, Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture.

At this occasion, the Greenland Minister for Nature, Environment and Research Siverth K. Heilmann states:

"On behalf of the entire Naalakkersuisut (Government of Greenland), I would like to congratulate the Attu Natural Resources Council on receiving the Nordic Council Environmental Award.

I am proud that the Nordic Council recognizes, the Natural Resources Council’s important work and way of cooperating. Greenland receives the award, because we here are at the very forefront. The Natural Resources Council has shown how citizens, authorities and researchers can combine their knowledge and work closely together, to achieve the best results for the benefit of nature and living resources.

It is a big and proud day for our country, and I am pleased that the project is now known throughout the Nordic region. Thus, helping to lead the way, for further cooperation between researchers, authorities and locals, both in our own country and now throughout the Nordic region. "

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