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Landscape Stewardship

Improving the dynamic relationship between nature and human well-being is a pressing issue of our time. Landscapes embody this tight interconnectedness and serve as unique sustainability learning hubs, showcased by the global rise of place-based and holistic landscape stewardship initiatives.

Incorporating these exciting developments, a new book co-authored by NORDECO staff and published by Cambridge University Press staff explores the principles of landscape stewardship and their function in fields such as agriculture, ecological restoration and urban green infrastructure.

The book provides insights into the challenges and the potential of landscape stewardship and identifies future paths for the science and practice of landscape-related sustainability efforts. Aligning analytical perspectives with practical applications, it brings together innovative models of landscape stewardship from all around the world, making it an essential resource for anyone interested in developing sustainable human-nature relationships.

'Landscape stewardship, nurturing the places where humans live and work, is the heart of sustainability. This pioneering book presents the intellectual framework for research and practical applications of landscape stewardship. It is critical reading for everyone concerned with place-based work for social-ecological systems.' Steve Carpenter, University of Wisconsin, Madison

More information is available here.

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