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Brazil Hosts Largest-Ever Meeting on Community Monitoring and Local Actions

An International Seminar on Participatory Monitoring for the Management of Biodiversity and Natural Resources was held on 22-26 September 2014 in Manaus, Brazil, hosted by the Brazilian Government.

There were 240 participants from 17 countries. The Seminar included the first meeting of the Participatory Monitoring and Management Partnership - PMMP, and an international exchange of experience on emerging themes within local involvement in monitoring and seeked technical and political alignment to promote participatory monitoring.

The participants in the meeting developed a document with recommendations and guidelines for community involvement in monitoring of biodiversity and natural resources for the Convention. The first two days of the meeting were facilitated by Michael K. Poulsen, Søren Hvalkof, and Finn Danielsen of Nordic Foundation for Development and Ecology.

Read the blog about the meeting by Carolina Comandulli here.

For further information about the Participatory Monitoring and Management Partnership read here.

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