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Gitte Kragh

Ecologist, Citizen Science, Natural Resource Management

Ph.D. Environmental Volunteering

Gitte Kragh has extensive experience from several countries with

environmental volunteer projects, both citizen science and practical

conservation projects. Her experience is interdisciplinary, focusing both

on the social and natural aspects of projects, as well as public

engagement, education and research.

Current activities include:

  • Working to strengthen citizen science through facilitating collaborations, networks, capacity building and knowledge exchange

  • Exploring the interdisciplinarity required for successful citizen science and natural resource management projects – e.g. participants’ motivations for joining programmes and projects, their well-being benefits and the link to project outcomes

  • Reviewer of citizen science articles for journals and proposals for government funding initiatives

  • Co-founder and Coordinator of Citizen Science Netværket, Denmark

  • Co-chair, British Ecological Society Citizen Science Special Interest Group


Gitte has lived abroad for extensive periods, in Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom for educational, research and project purposes.

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For a full cv contact Gitte Kragh: gitte(at)

Gitte Kragh, ecologist, NORDECO
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