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Troels Lyndelse 

Sustainable Rural Development and Business Innovation


Troels Lyndelse is an experienced consultant and project manager within the

fields of sustainable tourism and rural development strategies within the EU

with focus on social and business networks and preservation of biodiversity.


Troels has a background as a teacher and further education in specialised

business studies in marketing, organisation and export sales, and he is

currently undertaking a study for a master degree in rural development and

landscape management. His expertise includes


  • Sustainable rural development strategies

  • Development of sustainable tourism in nature parks and protected areas

  • Innovative business strategies and experience economy

  • Local business development through networking

  • Technical documentation and marketing

  • Implementation of edutainment and social media in dissemination

  • Social enterprises especially focused on children and education

  • Fund raising and project applications


Troels Lyndelse has worked extensively with programme and project preparation and implementation and as a project manager in networks and local organisations with responsibility for project execution and contract administration.

As NORDECO´s specialist in rural development Troels Lyndelse is based on the island Lolland in the south of Denmark managing projects with a special focus on sustainable strategies in domestic development and protection of biodiversity.


For a full cv contact Troels Lyndelse: tl(at) 

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