Ditlev Damhus

Nature Conservation, Community-based monitoring, Project design and management, Biodiversity and Natural history

Ditlev holds an MSc in Nature Management from University of Copenhagen. Besides doing some volunteer work and external consultancy work, Ditlev most recently worked for Save the Orangutan, where he successfully got a project approved in Indonesian Borneo about indigenous people’s forest rights. Ditlev has a lot of experience in South America by travelling and his work experience includes 3 continents and countries such as Ecuador, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Cambodia. Ditlev’s professional interests vary around many aspects of conservation including: local and community initiatives aiming at conserving nature, indigenous people’s forest rights, project design and management, natural history and biodiversity, local ecological knowledge & awareness raising. Ditlev is also a musician and has a strong passion for Latin American Spanish.

For full CV contact: ditlevdamhus@gmail.com

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